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Fundraiser Ideas

Fundraiser Ideas

  • Host a concert, heck hold your own music festival!

  • The-___-Thons: Bowl, walk, run, bike, dance, yoga, and so on. Again remember incorporating another passion or hobby will make it all the more fun

  • Our Executive Director Evan LOVES Bingo, hold a community bingo tournament and he might just show up!

  • Auctions: Donated goods, art, handmade products, hotel stays etc. Ask businesses in your community to donate goods and services for a silent auction. Or make it a little saucier and turn it into a date auction!

  • Good Old Fashion Bake Sale

  • Organize a carnival with your very own Ferris Wheel, maybe even a dunk tank. 

  • Birthday Parties or Personal Celebrations. Instead of asking for gifts you can ask for your loved ones to make donations to Life Under the Wheel in your name.

  • Car Washes

  • Garage and Yard Sales

  • Holiday Parties: A haunted house, Easter Egg hunt, meet & greet with Santa, etc.

  • Denim Friday – Companies allow employees to dress casually for a day in exchange for a $5 donation.

  • Polar Bear Plunge 

  • There are so many options! Get creative and have a good time.